I manage

Maura Church guest stars . She talks about about managing and building data science teams with us. At the heart of the discussion, the tension between managing people to their successful path, and adding value for the business.




00:00:30 Maura Intro

00:03:05 Fear and being early

00:14:00 Development vs urgency

00:22:11 Empathy doesn’t flow uphill

00:25:25 Getting to no you

00:27:26 Golf balls and sand

00:39:20 Where does the buck stop

00:49:16 Just use NPS

00:55:16 Meeting detente

01:04:00 Protect Your Time

Legos and Jackhammers






Ambitious Outcomes

OKRs. You probably have them. Should you? What should you try to get out of them? How do they make you feel?

Episode 007 - The Human Capital Episode

First Day Jitters - Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to our first episode. We talk about what we wish we first knew when we first started playing at data science. Hopefully some day we will have similar thoughts about podcasting. 

Anyway, here it is: 



We would love to hear your story of what you wish you knew on day 1 of your current career. 

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